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Custom Built Computers
If you're in the need for a new computer consider a quote from me. I'll give you 2 quotes in your budget, and you decide.

If you just need an internet browser, or want a screaming fast gamer unit, I can build it.

This is one of the first computers I built from parts.

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A custom built computer is better because:
1- Branded computers are loaded with the manufacturers bloat-ware, programs that run in the background using your memory.
2- You can have a custom computer with any style or color case.
3- The computer will be easier to upgrade later without having to buy a complete system.
4- For about the same cost a custom build will have better specs and better parts.
5- The latest Windows operating system now allows you to keep the license and move it to a new computer if the old computer is de-commisioned.

Price guidelines for a custom built computer

A basic internet browser will run around $300. That will have the latest Windows version all set up and ready to connect to your monitor and surf the internet. Additional options can increase this price. Using parts from auction sites can decrease the cost.

A gamer will run more in the $1500 range depending on your needs. Graphics and memory requirements will determine a good portion of the price. A good case for better air flow will also be a cost factor on a gamer build.

BOTTOM LINE - Your Budget will be the main factor

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Latest gamer I built
Core i7 4.2GHz
Gigabyte Gamer MB
nVidia 4GB Video

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My Guarantee
I Guarantee ALL my builds for 90 days. If the build fails within 90 days, I will repair it for FREE. 
(intentional damage, viruses and malware NOT covered)
Manufacturer's warranty may cover extended periods

My prices are reasonable because this is my hobby not a business. No big store to maintain, all work is done in my computer workshop at home.
AND.. I guarantee all my work!