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Website Design
If you need a website for your personal or business needs, let me help.
I can design your website, done in any color scheme you want
and Optimize it for search engine rankings.
A simple website of 5 pages starts at just $100.

Your website will be created with Responsive software, meaning the site will be viewable on any device, smart phone, tablet, laptop or a big desktop. The Smartphone app will link your contact phone straight from the site so people can click a button to call you while viewing your site.

Remember a website consists of 3 separate components, the domain name registration, the server fees and the creation of the site. Domain name registration is your web address, and the fee is $20.00 per year. Server fees are for hosting your site where the world can see it. Currently I have server space available for just $5.00 per month with once weekly updates included!

Templates are never used on any sites unless requested, if you have a design in mind I can use that as a guide for your site. You will need to provide logos, pictures and text copy of what you want on the site via email or flash drive.

Photography and logo designs for the site can be done for an additional charge. I will optimize your photos before they are placed on the site, for better quality and SEO results.

I'm offering a FREE 5 page web site created for you with a paid 6 month server fee and $20 domain registration. ($50) After that just $5 a month to keep your website online. (billed in 6 month increments)
Updates done weekly.

Remember a website is your advertisment to the world so you need to show them why your are the best! I'll make sure your site can be found easily so the world can find you.

Website management will be totally taken care of by me. All you need to do is send any new pictures or events you want changed or added to your site. I will update sites once weekly at the $5.00 per month hosting special.


Some of the websites I've created and manage

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